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We are going to have a free ses­sion at 7:30 CET about yoga, kun­dali­ni and an acti­va­tion of two mantras. One for Ana­ha­ta and one for Manipura.


Here is the link our Kun­dali­ni Sup­port Group on Telegram:


👉 Mus­cle twitch­ing, cramps or spasms, shak­ing, trem­bling, limp­ness, rigid-con­trac­tion, facial con­tor­tions
👉 Tingling/throbbing in the legs
👉 Hot or cold changes in body tem­per­a­ture
👉 Shoot­ing cur­rents of ener­gy or heat
👉 Pul­sat­ing sen­sa­tion in the sacrum
👉 Invol­un­tary laugh­ing or cry­ing, deep sighs
👉 Purg­ing or con­sti­pa­tion. Bad diges­tion.
👉 Body may twist in all direc­tions
👉 Spon­ta­neous asanas and mudras
👉 Unusu­al breath­ing pat­terns, ten­den­cy to bel­ly breathe, emphat­ic out-breath
👉 Rac­ing heart, expan­sion pains in heart
👉 Feel­ing of lev­i­ta­tion or inten­si­fied grav­i­ty, rad­i­cal ground­ing and asso­ci­at­ed lethar­gy
👉 Chron­ic Fatigue
👉 Hyper­ac­tiv­i­ty, need to con­stant­ly walk or exer­cise
👉 Psy­choki­net­ic inter­fer­ence with elec­tri­cal equip­ment
👉 Inner visions and lights, flames, geo­met­ric shapes
👉 Buzzing, sounds or hum­ming in the ears
👉 Speak­ing in tongues or for­eign lan­guages
👉 Uncom­mon com­pas­sion and under­stand­ing. Tol­er­ance and patience for “What Is.”
👉 Spon­ta­neous s..ual ecsta­sy with no stim­u­la­tion
👉 Height­ened sens­es. Hyper-sen­si­tive
👉  …and many more

There is a verse in the Shve­tas­vatara Upan­ishad that describes this very clearly:‘The Rishis, the sages, went into deep med­i­ta­tion and found the Devat­ma Shak­ti, the Kun­dali­ni Pow­er inher­ent in Divine Con­scious­ness, hid­den behind Her attrib­ut­es.’
The pow­er of Pure Con­scious­ness, which this Upan­ishad gives the name of Devat­ma Shak­ti, is not dif­fer­ent from Brah­man, the Infi­nite Exis­tence, like warmth can­not be sep­a­rat­ed from fire. Wher­ev­er there is warmth, the fire ele­ment must also be present. In the same way, wher­ev­er con­scious­ness is present, the pow­er of con­scious­ness must also be present.

Since Pure Con­scious­ness is bliss­ful in nature, when­ev­er it is express­ing itself some­where then bliss can­not be far away.
Inside us, the pow­er of thinking/intention (sankalpa) is an expres­sion of Pure Con­scious­ness.
When the pow­er of inten­tion is present then Pure Con­scious­ness must also be present. Our True Nature, our exis­tence is iden­ti­cal with this Pure Con­scious­ness. This Pure Con­scious­ness, denom­i­nat­ed as Brah­man, is as it were an infi­nite, omnipresent field.

With­out this Pure Con­scious­ness noth­ing liv­ing or non-liv­ing can pos­si­bly exist. From this we can eas­i­ly under­stand that every par­ti­cle in this world is over­flow­ing with bliss.

But then, why do we feel mis­er­able? Why are we unsat­is­fied? In search for hap­pi­ness in the out­er world, we cre­ate attach­ments. Attach­ments are impu­ri­ties. Impu­ri­ties cre­ate con­di­tion­ings in our mind and our intel­lect. Because of these, we are blind to our unlim­it­ed exis­tence. Oth­er­wise we would always live in delight, we would always be blissful!