Shak­ti­pat is Grace

In San­skrit there are two words for ‘Grace’, but they are very dif­fi­cult to trans­late: kri­pa and anu­gra­ha. Anu­gra­ha is the high­est form of grace: it is like get­ting every­thing with­out your hav­ing to put in any­thing to receive it. In a world­ly sense, one can com­pare it to win­ning a huge for­tune in the lot­tery. But there is a dif­fer­ence:
In a lot­tery, you have to buy a tick­et, for anu­gra­ha, you have to give nothing.

This unso­licit­ed Grace is shaktipat.

Guru Purn­i­ma is a great spir­i­tu­al fes­ti­val hon­our­ing the mas­ter. In the shak­ti­pat tra­di­tion, it is even more impor­tant than in oth­er
tra­di­tions, because the mas­ter gives the awak­en­ing Grace, the Shak­ti, while, in oth­er tra­di­tions, the mas­ter gives tech­niques,
and meth­ods.

But in real­i­ty it is not the human guru giv­ing Shak­ti, it is the Guru-Tatt­va, the ‘Guru Prin­ci­ple’. Swa­mi Satyade­vanand end­ed the sat­sang while speak­ing on this Guru Principle:

The Guru prin­ci­ple is Con­scious. If one is devot­ed to the mas­ter, to the sad­hana, if one is lov­ing and respect­ful in deal­ing with oth­er peo­ple, this Guru Prin­ci­ple will give us more and more bless­ings. But if we are self­ish, neg­a­tive about oth­ers, hurt­ful, we cre­ate dis­tress and bad thoughts in the oth­er per­son that will block our growth. The con­scious Guru Prin­ci­ple will nev­er turn against you, even if you do very wrong things, but instead of being pos­i­tive, it can become neu­tral, then one’s progress is halted.

So in your inter­ac­tions with oth­er peo­ple, be very careful.

Shaktipat is Grace

On the path of shak­ti­pat, you don’t have to wait for many lives in order to achieve some attain­ment. If you prac­tise, you can become jivan­muk­ta, lib­er­at­ed while liv­ing. In shak­ti­pat, you don’t have to put your hopes on some heav­en after death. You can end your suf­fer­ing here and now and become immersed in Bliss in this very life.

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