Some prac­ti­cal guid­ance for sadhakas

Why do I feel dizzy after my Shak­ti awakening?

There can be 3 rea­sons for dizzi­ness caused by Shakti:

1) Because of lack of sodi­um in your sys­tem: In this case you need to take more salt with your food or you can mix a bit of salt in ½ cup of water and drink.

2) Because of excess sta­t­ic charge in your chakras: You need to lie down on the grass with all your chakras touch­ing the ground. You can do it for 15–20 min­utes and  then try to sleep a bit. Some­times tak­ing a show­er in a salt water solu­tion of ½ cup of salt in a buck­et of water gives relief too. Of course you can also add organ­ic salt to the water when you take a bath. Inci­den­tal­ly, this will also make the body more alka­line and less acidic.

3) Change in ori­en­ta­tion of the body’s mag­net­ic field: Try to stand in a plane sur­face and rotate in clock­wise direc­tion 3 times, then in anti-clock­wise direc­tion 3 times. Hold the right side of the brain in the right hand while rotat­ing in clock­wise direc­tion 3 times and do the same action for the left brain: So touch your left brain with your left hand and move 3 times in clock­wise and anti-clock­wise direc­tion. Again hold the right hand on the right hemi­sphere of the brain and rotate in anti-clock­wise direc­tion for 3 times. Then do the same for the left hemi­sphere of the brain with the left hand. Sit down or rest a bit. Nor­mal­ly you will feel the effect of these prac­tis­es in about 20 to 30 min­utes or after you wake up from the next sleep. If you are not sure exact­ly which one is your spe­cif­ic rea­son why you feel dizzy, try them all. There is no harm.

On the path of shak­ti­pat, you don’t have to wait for many lives in order to achieve some attain­ment. If you prac­tise, you can become jivan­muk­ta, lib­er­at­ed while liv­ing. In shak­ti­pat, you don’t have to put your hopes on some heav­en after death. You can end your suf­fer­ing here and now and become immersed in Bliss in this very life.

I get a headache dur­ing the day or dur­ing med­i­ta­tion, what could be the reason?

Shak­ti­pat relat­ed headaches can be caused by the fol­low­ing things:

1) Because of lack of sodi­um in your sys­tem: In this case you need to take more organ­ic salt with your food or you can mix a bit of salt in ½ cup of water and drink.

2) Because of the ener­gy of a cer­tain place or of cer­tain objects. Change the place for some days and see. If there are crys­tals around you or if you are wear­ing some, take them all off and observe the changes for some days. Then try to bring them in lit­tle by lit­tle. You can know exact­ly which one is affect­ing you. Some­times after a few days they won’t affect you any­more. Oth­er­wise just get rid of them.

3) Because of the work­ing of Shak­ti : this kind of headache dis­ap­pears in max­i­mum 2–3 days or just after one sleep.

4) Because of dry­ness in the brain and the res­pi­ra­to­ry tubes: Put two drops of ghee in each nos­tril before going to sleep.

5) Because of the secre­tion of tox­ins due to kriyas: If you feel heav­i­ness in your head or you feel like some liq­uid is get­ting accu­mu­lat­ed some­where in the head, do nadi shodanam. For this you close the left nos­tril with the lit­tle fin­ger of your right hand. In this way you take some deep, smooth inhala­tions and exha­la­tions only through your right nos­tril. Then breathe again through both nos­trils. It you feel hot, close the right nos­tril with your thumb and inhale and exhale through your left nos­tril for some time. Med­i­tate as much as possible.

6) Because of earth’s pran­ic field: Change the direc­tion of your head when you are going to sleep. Each day change the direc­tion 90 degrees and see how it feels. If you exper­i­ment like this for a few days you will get the per­fect direc­tion. After one month or so it might be pos­si­ble to change to the orig­i­nal direc­tion again. It may also be that the headache is caused by the poor qual­i­ty of the pil­low or of the mat­tress. Use a cot­ton pil­low (hav­ing cot­ton fibers inside) or at least put a thick cot­ton tow­el on the pil­low and see how it feels.

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Shakti will lead you to your inner Truth

If you swim in the mid­dle of the riv­er, the cur­rent will lead you to the ocean. But if you hold on to the banks, to the shal­low waters, to the dif­fer­ences and the impu­ri­ties,
you will get stuck and nev­er reach the ocean. In the same way, if we swim in the mid­dle of Shak­ti, we will reach the Truth.

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